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OEM Services

Apart from manufacturing own products,Bright Future also provides OEM services to global clients. Bright Future strives to provide high quality of products that complies with the GMP standard.We provide diversified processing techniques, including solid, semi-solid and liquid products. We support packaging, optimize process of production and tailor-made solutions etc.

  • Solids: tablets, granules, powders and capsules
  • Semi-Solids: creams and ointments
  • Liquids: oral solutions, external solutions

Bright Future has 6 individual factories:

List of Factories Total Area (sqf)
Factory producing Penicillin with GMP certified 86,000
Factory producing oral solutions, hormonal semi-solids 140,000
Factory producing non antibiotics and non hormonal medicines 161,000
Factory producing Cephalosporin and pills with GMP certified 90,000
Factory producing traditional Chinese medicines with GMP certified 32,000
Factory producing health food 27,000

Also, Bright Future has an individual food manufacturing factory in America; the total area of the factory is 7,000 sqm. It is also certified by CGMP and HALAL standards in order to provide high quality of products to consumers. With diversified facilities, the factory is capable to produce different kinds of products including capsules, soft capsules, tablets, powder, tea bags, syrups, candies etc. In addition, Bright Future provides services such as food packaging, package design, process and research for solutions etc.

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