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Established in 1993 in Hong Kong, Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited (“Bight Future”) is one of the

largest pharmaceutical factories in Hong Kong. Located in Yuen Long Industrial Estate, more than 1,000 staff of

Bright Future works in varies locations of the head-quarter, including the 3 blocks of pharmaceutical factory,

a Traditional Chinese Medicine factory, a health food manufacturing factory, a logistics centre, a R&D centre, a

quality testing centre and a central office.

To ensure providing the best quality of products to the consumers, the pharmaceutical and Traditional Chinese

Medicine factories of Bright Future have been issued the GMP certificate in 2000 and 2005 respectively by the

Department of Health in Hong Kong. Bright Future is enhancing the GMP standard of the local pharmaceutical

industry continuously while providing the high quality products to the consumers. In 2016, Bright Future was

accredited the PIC/S GMP of the European Union standard.

Bright Future has high reputation and direct sales network in Mainland China. We especially excel at products of

dermalogics, respiratory and antibiotics, pediatrics and orthopedics etc. In order to provide the best services to

different provinces and regions in Mainland, we set up branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu

to provide supports for more than 6,000 sales staff in China. To facilitate consumers’ need, Bright Future set up R&D

centre in Hong Kong, Haikou and Shenzhen with more than 100 R&D specialists to develop products that meet the

consumers’ demand.

With the aim of providing the most comprehensive facilities, Bright Future strives to provide wide-ranging service. We

have professional teams that responsible for different aspects of service; from R&D to product registration, from raw

material purchasing to production and packaging, from sale to the post-sale services. Apart from own productions,

Bright Future also provides OEM services for our global clients. Bright Future strives to provide high quality of

products that complies with the GMP standard. We provide diversified processing techniques, including solid, semi-

solid and liquid products. We support packaging, optimize process of production and tailor-made solutions etc.

especially for:

Organization who owns unique R&D technique or innovative solutions;

Organization with huge sales network and capable to export and sell products globally;

Organization that requires registering products in Hong Kong or Mainland China

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