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Bright Future Subsidiary, BF Suma Receives NSF GMP Certification


Bright Future subsidiary BF Suma Pharmaceutical Inc. (BF Suma) announced today that its two California manufacturing facilities have received GMP (good manufacturing practice) approval from National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International.  NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that regulates standards, tests and registers products and facilities across many industries. NSF’s goal is to protect and improve human health on a global scale.

NSF conducted a thorough independent review of BF Suma’s facilities, procedures, sanitation practices and manufacturing systems. BF Suma pursued the registration designation as part of its commitment to quality assurance. “The NSF approval demonstrates our commitment to producing the highest quality products. Independent third party validation of ingredient quality is an advantage our customers can use to orientate themselves in the market. We have always believed that the underlying value of BF Suma has been our guarantee for the quality, potency, composition and purity of all the products manufactured at our facility for the customer.” Mike Ma, Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply at Bright Future said.

Earning GMP registration from NSF International verifies that BF Suma’s facility has the proper methods, equipment, facilities, and controls in place for supplying dietary supplement ingredients. NSF Dietary Supplement Certification includes laboratory testing, formulation reviews and plant audits to determine conformance to FDA Dietary Supplements cGMP standard (FDA’s  21 CFR part 111 ). The standard provides methodology and evaluation criteria to verify ingredient identities and quantities, test criteria for specific contaminants and conformance to GMPs.

The NSF GMP registration builds upon the ISO 22716 GMP certificate for Cosmetics, awarded to BF Suma earlier this year.

BF Suma awarded NSF Certification

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