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Bright Future Group certified as family-friendly company


• Obtained the Award for first-time participation in the scheme

• The needs of staff and their families are the essence for improving policies and welfare

Bright Future Group has been recognised as the ‘2017/18 Family-Friendly Employer’ in the Corporations Division of the award co-organised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong government and the Family Council. This award commends the Group’s outstanding performance in fostering a family-friendly spirit and its employment policies and practices that promote family core values.

Our people are our most valuable asset. Both personnel policies and staff benefits demonstrate Bright Future’s emphasis on and care for staff members and their families. A free shuttle bus service is provided as a supportive policy for the staff to enjoy an accessible transportation option. In addition, Bright Future serves free lunches and beverages with diverse menus and choice of fruits to the staff; in consideration of some foreign colleagues’ dietary preferences, vegetarian lunches have been added, embodying the concern and care the company shows to its employees. With the aim of promoting a better relationship between the company, staff members and their families, Bright Future implemented Family Open House in which families of staff members were invited to learn more about the working environment of staff members. Considering some non-local staff’s need to adapt to a Cantonese working environment, BF specially planned a ‘Localisation Programme’ to help them rapidly learn a new language and enhance their confidence in using it, so that they can enjoy living in Hong Kong.

It is equally important to Bright Future to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees through a multifaceted approach, including the implementation of our Health and Safety Policy, provision of safety training, participation in OHSAS 18001 safety certification and organising safety promotion activities for our employees. To promote physical and mental well-being in the workplace, we signed the Joyful@Healthy Workplace Charter launched by the Occupational Safety & Health Council in 2018. The Group actively takes this a step further by caring for staff’s mental health, forming psychological workshops to guide the staff in thinking positively and introducing stress-relieving methods. An Employee Counselling Programme is also available to staff to provide 24-hour professional counselling and consultation on various areas including family and work/life issues. Furthermore, many kinds of workshops and surveys are designed to discover the needs of the staff and their families, thereby allowing for appropriate support to be implemented through family-friendly policies. Bright Future defines our staff as our close partners and expects to create a caring, mutually beneficial and happy environment.

The Family-Friendly Employer Award Scheme was launched in 2011 to recognise Hong Kong employers who attach importance to a family-friendly spirit, encouraging them to continue to implement family-friendly employment policies and practices. This also raises employers' awareness of the importance of family core values, with the aim of fostering a pro-family culture and environment.

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