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Bright Future Health Foods Factory awarded two certificates


Awarded “ISO 22000:2005” & “HACCP” certificates in Hong Kong

Complete supply chain quality and safety assurance system and risk control capabilities

Product quality and safety is always the top priority of the production management

Bright Future Health Foods Factory within Longreen International Holdings Limited (hereafter as “Longreen Foods Factory”) as a subsidiary of Bright Future Group obtained two certificates from the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) in late July 2018, namely “ISO 22000:2005”  and “HACCP”, which recognized the company’s safety and risk management system in all aspects of the supply chain, ensuring product is absolutely safe for consumption. The honorable recognition not only affirmed the company’s effort in safeguarding the products safety and quality over the years, but also further enhanced the company capability to deliver consistent and improved services and products, thereby, increasing the value to business partners and stakeholders.

These two awards were certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and were audited and issued by the Hong Kong authority in order to establish the safety management acceptance required by ISO Management System Standards. For acquiring the recognitions,
Longreen Foods Factory must comply with the regulations established by the ISO and pass the rigorous audit by the HKQAA. All the production workshops of
Longreen Foods Factory has a scientific, preventive and systematic approach to identify, assess and control of hazards in the production process, integrating food safety control into the design of production process. Longreen Foods Factory finally met all the audit conditions to obtain the certifications.

With the mission of manufacturing excellent medicines, Bright Future Group is committed to improving quality of life by developing, manufacturing and selling high quality medicines and health products around the world. In terms of foods and health products, as of today, it has three cGMP / HACCP / HALAL / UL / ISO certified factories in the USA and Hong Kong, which use the strictest requirements as reference to manage the company and production, and strive to provide premium quality and cost-effective health products and functional beverages for consumers throughout the world, bringing a brighter life and better future to the people and community.

Mr. Bryan Peng, Assistant Director Manufacturing & Service Branch of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (right) presenting the certificates to Mr. Chen Guoxin, the representative of Bright Future Health Foods Factory (left).

Bright Future Health Foods Factory obtained two certificates  “ISO 22000:2005” (left) and “HACCP” (right)

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