Students and Graduates


The proprietary pharmaceutical industry educational programmes we offer our employees at Bright Future help our team members become industry leaders. This world-class training is part of what allows us to attract top talent from around the world. We are always looking for more talented industry professionals from every country to join our rapidly growing organization. Bright Future is proud to recruit talent from every corner of the globe. We are known to help emerging talent bring their knowledge and skills to the next level through our integrated training activities and blended learning approach.


Bright Future recruits outstanding graduates from top universities around the world every year. Through the company's two-year "Green Growing Program," the company is constantly cultivating talent in the pharmaceutical industry.
Through Green Growing, our trainees will receive opportunities to work in different departments while attending a series of professional on-the-job training and career development program. Employees who participate in Green Growing deepen their understanding of the work environment, accumulate actual experience in the pharmaceutical industry, broaden their worldviews, build confidence and enhance long-term personal and professional development in the pharmaceutical industry.
In additional to this training program, Bright Future also provides rich and diverse activities for our trainees to adapt to working in a corporate environment, including the “Green Growing Workshop,” “Team Training,” “Green Growing Reading Group,” and more.
Green Growing has cultivated hundreds of undergraduates since 2014. Through this program, Bright Future offers a valuable opportunity for recent college graduates to start their lifetime journey in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of our outstanding trainees have become company leaders and are helping us fulfill our vision “Brighter Life, Better Future”.


Talent is the foundation for the rapid development of the Bright Future. As such, talent development is one of our core strategies. Therefore, we maintain a singular focus on improving our talent and enhancing Bright Future's competitiveness as a global employer.
For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of promoting, motivating and retaining our employees. To accomplish this goal, we offer attractive future prospects in an international working environment abundant with professional growth opportunities. As a people-oriented company, Bright Future is committed to providing professional training to develop our colleagues through a training program that includes five categories and more than 100 professional courses.
Students and Graduates
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