People Responsibility


Responsible employer
Our people are here because they believe in our mission to improve quality of life by offering excellent pharmaceutical products and services.
Bright Future employees are a decisive force for the sustainable development of our enterprise. Growing our employees in an equitable, inclusive and nurturing workplace is a crucial component of our vitality as a global pharmaceutical company and is critical to our own growth. At Bright Future, we encourage our employees to make full use of their talents and contribute to the enterprise.
To ensure that we are living up to our lofty goals, we frequently survey our employees and keep an open dialog with our managers to better understand the health of our workplace culture. By keeping communication lines open between levels in our organizational hierarchy and across borders, we are working to sustain corporate governance and maintain integrity while remaining in compliance with all relevant guidelines, codes and laws in all the countries within which we do business.
Talent development
Bright Future has always viewed talent development as a core business strategy. Since its establishment, the organization has encouraged the development of innovative talent and devoted time and resources to creating talent-oriented systems that aim to promote a sustainable operation.
As part of these efforts, we have employed a performance development framework as a way to help our employees develop themselves and better serve the organization. This framework includes individual development plans for each employee, an annual forum, and, for some of our team members, career development plans based on each individual’s talents, training, and professional goals. We want our employees to feel they their own bright future at our organization while making the future brighter for others around the world through the development of life-improving healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
Health & occupational safety
Health and safety as top priorities – also in regard to business processes.
People are our most valuable asset. Helping our people stay safe, healthy and productive is a priority. That is why we dedicate considerable resources to implementing our occupational risk prevention policy. We also periodically review our health and safety performance through both internal and external audits.
We closely monitor regulations on occupational hazard prevention and other areas of safety, striving to always remain in compliance. As a result of our efforts, we are proud to report that our injury rate has improved by more than 44 percent since 2014.
Because health and wellness our crucial to our employees’ success, we offer a Sports and Health Program to all employees to promote and improve their fitness and health.
Diversity & equal opportunity
We create an inclusive working environment in which mutual trust, teamwork, diversity, equity and fair and respectful treatment are valued and practiced.
Both personnel policies and staff benefits demonstrate Bright Future’s emphasis on and care for staff members and their families. A free shuttle bus service is provided as a supportive policy for the staff to enjoy an accessible transportation option. In addition, Bright Future serves employees free lunches with diverse menus, including fruits and vegetables, along with beverages. In consideration of some foreign colleagues’ dietary preferences, vegetarian lunches have been added, embodying the concern and care the company shows to its employees.
Bright Future is a family-friendly company. To help nurture our relationships with our employees’ families, we have implemented a Family Open House (FOH). For this event, our employees’ family members are invited to visit our facilities and learn about our organization.
For employees stationed abroad, we have also instituted special localization programmes designed to help international employees acclimate and quickly master the dominant languages and cultures of their new workplace home.
People Responsibility
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