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At Bright Future, we believe our employees are the heart and soul of our business. As such, we are committed to nurturing our talent, ensuring the long-term personal and professional growth of each of our employees. We do this by providing our team members with a health balance of on-the-job experiences and continuing education opportunities. This includes mentoring, coaching and professional training programmes relevant to each employee’s respective field. We are proud to offer a wide selection of custom-designed training resources along with onsite and offsite courses designed to help our employees grow professionally, hone their leadership skills and manage their careers. Bright Future employees are encouraged to continually grow their knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including the pursuit of relevant professional certifications. We may provide financial reimbursement to select employees who pursue qualifying educational and career development opportunities that support their growth at Bright Future.
It is this commitment to our employees’ professional growth that is part of our competitive edge as an employer in the global pharmaceutical industry.
Research & Development
“The values of honesty, fairness, mutual respect, diversity and Inclusion underpin everything we do.”
Rajib Sarkar, Senior Scientist
Quality Control
“Brighter life better future is the vision of BF, working together with line-minded people who strive to achieve a shared purpose, is a very attractive cause.”
Damian Wang, QC Officer, Function Stability
Engineering support factory, Bright Future achieve excellence. This is the definition of "Engineering Excellence" and also the vision of Engineering Department. We all devote to it.
Henry Huang, Maintenance Engineer
“Truly my experience with Bright Future has been the best I have come across in my pharma career. Our products are competitively priced but uncompromising in their quality. BF has instilled all of us with an understanding of the real value of Quality & Compliance. ”
Duncan Mui, Authorised Person
Supply Chain
“What we do is what customer needs. Perfect order delivery at competitive cost makes a bright future.”
Nancy Fok, SCM Manager
“BF strives for manufacturing excellence through continuous improvement, as I know we are providing medicines that will help people.”
Timothy Lam, Plant Head
Experienced Professionals
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