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Bright Future is a well-integrated and R&D focused pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical finished dosage products as well as health supplements. We are also engaged in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and health supplements for our clients in globally-regulated and semi-regulated markets.
Over the years, Bright Future has built up a wide marketing network operating in local and international markets. We market and distribute more than 200 products in over 12 countries across four continents. We sell our pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, South East Asia, the United States, and Europe. We also operate in certain key locations through our subsidiaries.
In China, one of our key markets, we have our own sales and commercial infrastructure with more than 5,000 professionals and dedicated team members, working on marketing and sales, distribution and logistics. Thanks to our extensive pharmaceutical sales and marketing network, we have established ourselves as market leaders in the therapeutic areas of dermatology, pediatrics, respiratory health and orthopedics in China. With our existing market position and network as well as our product portfolio, we believe we are well positioned to increase our market share across the target therapeutic fields in China.
Bright Future is continuously looking for opportunities to expand our diverse product and business portfolios by in-licensing and acquisitions. We also provide complete and comprehensive distribution services for business partners entering the Chinese market.
Geographical Presence
Global Market
  • 4 continents, over 10 sales subsidiaries
  • 100 offline core specialty stores
  • 10,000+ sales partners
  • 50 main sales channels
China Market
  • 9 business units
  • 260 offices
  • 5,000+ professionals
  • 18,000+ hospitals
  • 300,000+ clinics and pharmacies
Online Learning Platform for Young Dermatologist
Online Learning Platform and Knowledge Sharing for Pharmacists & Shop Assistants
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Our Business
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