At Bright Future, we strive to advance research and development towards building a diversified portfolio, providing affordable healthcare solutions with uncompromising quality and improving quality of life for patients across the world. Our research team comprises of highly qualified scientists and technologists with expertise in formulation and analytical development at our state-of-the-art facilities in Hong Kong SAR, China and the USA. Our research scientists have a proven track record of solving complex challenges with oral solid and liquid dosage forms as well as topical dosage forms and delivering high-quality technology-intensive products.
More than 200 research scientists working in our four R&D centres are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for product development.

Hong Kong



New York

Development capability and technologies
We are capable of developing, scaling up and commercializing various dosage forms spread across semi-solid dosage preparations (cream, ointment, gel, suppositories and paste), oral solid dosage preparations (capsules, tablets, dry suspension, soft capsule and pellets) and liquid dosage preparations (oral solution, suspension, drops, syrup, and liquid capsule). The products have been supplied for the local market as well as international markets.

Core technologies
  • Topical formulation development and techniques
  • Conventional and complex solid dosage form development and techniques
  • Liquid dosage form development and techniques
  • Modified release drug delivery technology
  • Insoluble drug formulation technologies
  • Taste-masking technology
The state-of-art laboratories and expertise for analytical research and quality control
Our laboratories are equipped with multiple advanced infrastructures for analytical research to support our product development, such as ICP/MS, Raman Spectrometer, Ion Chromatography, Malvern Particle Size Analyzer, Rheometer, HPLC, GC, etc.
Our experienced scientists efficiently develop and validate robust and high quality analytical methods that meet specification requirements in compliance with multinational pharmacopoeia (eg, USP, EP, BP and CP).
Our microbiology capabilities cover a range of processes, including: Biological Indicator Testing, Heterotrophic Plate Count Testing, Disinfectant Qualification, Microbial Identification, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing and Bioburden Testing.
Product Development
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