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Social Responsibility

As a responsible pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bright Future put quality as our utmost priority.

We are committed to serve the community

through sponsoring various prominent

research centers and universities with

which to jointly research and develop new

pharmaceutical technologies and products.

Also, we sponsor varies kinds of charitable

activities that help the needy so as to

improve their living conditions and

contribute to the society.

Bright Future has been awarded “Caring Company” logo since 2002 for its sustained CSR participation. In strict

adherence to "Brighter Life Better Future", Bright Future always strives for the providing excellent products and services

to the global customers. Bright Future also shows its care about the community with unsparing support for wide-ranging

community services and charities.

Since 2012, Bright Future has been awarded as the “Happy Company” conducted by the Hong Kong Productivity

Council in the “Happy Workplace” Campaign. Bright Future attains Corporate Caring, Corporate Intelligence, Corporate

Resilience, Corporate Initiatives through our Four core values (Sincerity, Speed, Implementation, Innovation). We

implemented various policies, mechanisms, and activities in order to build a Happy Workplace and enhance staff

happiness level.

Bright Future concerns about talent development while strives to provide different kinds of on-the-job trainings to the

talents. Through promoting different strategies in the areas of "Leading a learning Culture", "Resource Planning",

"Training and Development System", "Performance Management" and "Corporate Social Responsibility in manpower

Development", Bright Future is awarded as "Manpower Developer" from Employees Retraining Board.

Bright Future will continue to promote “Bright Life, Better Future”. The eagerness for community wellbeing and

contributing to the society will always light the way for Bight Future in future.

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