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Staff Development

Bright Future has always put recruitment and training of talent as a core business strategy. Since

establishment, Bright Future has spared no effort to encourage the development of innovative talents

and devote energies to create talent-oriented systems which aim to promote the sustainable operation.

We continuously build up all-rounded talent

training and development system. Currently,

Bright Future has 5 sets of systems with more

than 100 professional training programs, including:

  • Orientation Training Program

Includes contents of company history,

corporate culture, talent training and

development system etc, in order to help

adapting the new environment;

  • Professional Knowledge and Technical

Training Program (for each particular position)

Training of particular position, teaching job skills, one-on-one professional counseling, combine the

benefit of teaching and practicing and formulate clear path for career development;

  • Industry and Product Knowledge Training

Widening visions and concentrating on products. A series of products-and-industry-related training

and learning activities are provided for talents to build up their successful path in the manufacturing industry;

  • OSH Training Program

We concern about health and safety of our talents. This training provides talents with world-standard

professional occupational safety and health knowledge;

  • Lean Production Training Program

We strive for perfection as well as to improve efficiency. A series of modules that help understanding

the tools, concepts, real cases and practical situation of lean. Leading talents and Bright Future to the

leading edge of manufacturing.

In addition, the staff development program provides different kinds of training and development activities, which

motivate the individual growth and career development of the talents. Together with the corporate development

strategy and individual development plan, the company carries out IDP (Individual Development Plan) to

encourage the diversified development of talents; provide guidance of development as well as resources of

individual learning and improvement. The staff development program provides designated trainings for different

levels of talents. Helping talents to accomplish their goal throughout outdoor activities, team and group trainings.

Bright Future utilizes competitions to motivate staff developments. Our talents can enjoy the learning in a fun

way as well as to acquire professional techniques throughout the competition. Various staff development

competitions are launched, including “GMP skills competition”, “OSH skills competition” and “Golden

microphone presentation competition” that formulate a new platform for staff development activities.

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