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Bright Future has manufactured reliable medical products to improve human health. We continuously produce different kinds and combinations of pharmaceuticals. We have been pursuing progress and innovation, in an open environment,

allowing stimulation from information flow to enhance transparency and communication. Bright Future is not only a

place to work, but a place where you can learn, grow, and discover your potential, as well as achieve your goals. By

the time you join Bright Future, you are associating yourself with a big family with more than 1,000 members in Hong

Kong and over 6,000 members worldwide. We are happy to help you map your future. Each of our people is working

under a highly dynamic working environment and cooperating with diversified people. With fast working pace, we

expect our energetic, dedicated people are able to deliver and contribute their talent to help the organization moving

and achieving our mission and vision.

We provide challenging and inspiring jobs in a dynamic workplace. Taking up a challenging role in this company that

could help you to grow, and equip yourselves to be an all-round person. You will be working with a highly diversified

team; our people come from different countries, with diverse cultures. By working with our team, you will gain rich

experience and expertise from various sources. We offer you different opportunities which help you to make your

dream come true.

If you are interested to join our team, please send your full resume and contact number to Data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only. To view our current vacancies please click on the links below.

Vacancies in Mainland China

Sales and marketing positions in all provinces:




Hainan Province:



Overseas Vacancies


http:// jobs.51job.com/all/co3456764.html#syzw


If you are interested in working at our America factory, please

send your CV to: wendy.cheung@bfsuma.com.

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