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Our Achievements
GMP Certified

Bright Future is devoted to manufacture high quality pharmaceutical products by imposing stringent process control measures to deliver safe, high quality and effective medicines. In 2000, Bright Future was accredited with GMP certification. We were the first batch of pharmaceutical manufacturers that accredited the GMP certification by the Department of Health in Hong Kong.

PIC/S GMP Certified

Aligned with the mission of offering excellent pharmaceutical products, the visionary of Bright Future has moved beyond the boundary of national standards. The "PIC/S GMP certification" has a complete quality control system which represents the European Union standard. Manufacturers to meet such standards are required to establish a comprehensive manage system to control all the raw materials, suppliers, production process and at the same time carries out periodic environmental monitoring and risk assessment. To meet the roadmap as provided by DH and keep the peace with times, Bright Future needed to draw a strategy for execution of the implementation to ensure no interruption to its business continuity. These included the employment of consultancy firm to perform series of onsite audits and gap assessments on current operations against PIC/s Guide to GMP, formation of PIC/s project team, active managerial and key personnel involvement and through thoughtful planning, design, implementation, optimization together with continuous monitoring, 23 Quality System Elements (QSE) were finally established in its Quality Management System and BF was successfully issued with PIC/s GMP certificate in the early 2016.

Mr. Chan Chak-yeung, Managing Director of Bright Future, awarded the EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2015 (China)

Mr. Chan Chak-yeung, founder and managing director of Bright Future, was awarded the “EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” on 27 November 2015. Mr Chan, together with his dedicated staff, has made remarkable achievements in the past twenty two years by virtue of his unremitting efforts in developing Hong Kong’s pharmaceutical industry and preserving the value of local production. Bright Future is the first batch of pharmaceutical companies which have met both GMP and PIC/S requirements under his leadership. By advocating a global quality assurance system, we are committed to enhance the overall standard of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Hong Kong and China. Mr. Chan celebrates his success with the recognition of Bright Future’s mission and corporate culture.

The Largest CEPA Exporter of Pharmaceutical Corporate

Since 2003, Hong Kong Government signed the CEPA with the Mainland China in order to promote free trade and enhance the already close economic cooperation and integration between the Mainland China and Hong Kong. Bright Future is the largest exporter of pharmaceutical corporate under the implementation of CEPA. The growth of Bright Future in the China pharmaceutical market is accelerating every year.

Logistic Center

Bright Future adapted the SAP system covering the global supply chain, monitoring the whole process from material purchasing towards the finished product releasing.In the inventory and distribution system, Bright Future built up the Smart High Rack Warehouse with Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), achieving the automated receipt management, inventory management, order processing, sorting and distribution control. The system was validated according to the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Guide (GAMP) which ensures the stability and controllability.

Foremost Facilities

Bright Future has it’s headquarter in Hong Kong with nine buildings of offices and factories that cover the medical ingredients pre-processing plant, manufacturing and packaging operations, QC laboratories, and warehouse, etc. We have stringent environmental control - frequent inspection of temperature, humidity, ventilation, air pressure, germ and dust to mitigate airborne risk during manufacturing process, medical testing and product analysis. Our manufacturing facilities comply with ISO 8 Clean Area Standards and our QC lab complies with Good Laboratories Practice (GLP) standards specified by the Hong Kong GMP requirements. In addition, our major manufacturing equipments are mainly imported from Germany and Italy. Utilizing advanced and modern machineries, we are capable of producing various dosage form of medicine such as capsules, tablets, dry suspension, creams, suppositories and oral solutions, etc.

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